Starting at $375/area (smooth) and $1500/area (barbed)

Short for polydioxanone, PDO has grown in popularity with the rise of Nova Threads non-surgical facelifts. Whereas traditional facelifts have required surgery to successfully tighten sagging skin, this new option allows patients to avoid the preparation, downtime, and recovery associated with surgery.

The use of PDO threads contributes substantially to the success of this treatment. Just like surgical sutures, PDO threads can be safely inserted into the skin and are absorbed by the body during the healing process. Rather than being used to seal surgical incisions, this medical suture is used as a means of creating tiny injuries in the skin in areas that have seen the effects of aging. As the injuries heal, the body produces collagen to help heal the treatment site, by which the area looks fuller and smoother.

Part of the advantages of Nova Thread or PDO thread therapy is the versatility of the treatment. Depending on a patient’s problem areas, different threads can be used to achieve distinct goals. In particular, barbed threads and smooth threads offer unique advantages to different patients.

Barbed Threads: Convenience of a Facelift without Surgery

While the idea of barbed anything near your face can sound less than appealing, barbed PDO threads pull their weight (quite literally). The unique nature of these sutures allows the thread to latch into tissues during implantation. This results in a smoother physical lift, allowing the thread to efficiently pull loose, sagging skin that can accumulate in the lower parts of the face such as the jawline and eyebrows. As a result, many patients who choose this type of PDO thread enjoy results like that of a facelift without the complications of undergoing surgery.

Another key advantage of barbed PDO threads? The prongs on the threads help in stimulating natural collagen production and tighten skin, providing a natural looking facial enhancement. As the threads are made of polydioxanone, they eventually dissolve and leave results that last up to two years.

Smoother, Plumper Lips with Smooth Threads

Not all PDO threads are alike. While some patients may need the significant support offered by barbed threads, other individuals are simply looking for a lasting way to improve their skin below the surface. Stimulating natural collagen regeneration is a particularly effective means of bringing back youthful, smooth facial appearance without running the risk of looking over-treated. While kickstarting this important process can be done with dermal fillers, these solutions require retreatment throughout the year. For these individuals, smooth PDO threads offer a long-term answer.

Much like their barbed counterparts, smooth PDO threads are renowned for their ability to stimulate elastic collagen synthesis. In the months following insertion, the body starts to repair and heal the tissue surrounding the absorbable threads. This process is what triggers the production of new collage and elastin in the treatment areas. As smooth PDO threads do not have barbs to pull back skin, they are ideal for stimulating the production process in areas that have deflated or creased over time such as the lips or cheeks.